Friday, August 31, 2007

Rotary Gun Rack Review

Campbell Industrial Supply of Sanger, California is offering a variety of U.S. made rotary long gun storage racks for sale directly from the manufacturer. The long gun racks store rifles and shotguns vertically with the buttstock resting in the base and their barrel resting in corresponding notches cut into the unit’s top end rack. For the purpose of this review Campbell Industrial sent out one of their 12-gun/22” diameter rotary storage racks.

The rack ships unassembled and upon unpacking the pieces it was apparent that once assembled the unit would likely be sturdy due to the robust materials each of the components was made out of. The powder coated, tubular 30” center pedestal is made out of heavy gauge steel with welded upper and lower flange plates. The base of the rack is made out of 1½” thick plywood and the top part of the rack is made out of ¾” plywood. The wooden base and the wooden top rack pieces are attached to the flanged center pedestal with bolts. Other than an Allen wrench for the bolts used to attach the base to the pedestal, no other tools are needed for assembly. A braided elastic cord is used as a gun retention device for the upper rack. When there are no long guns stored in the rack the retention cord is held in place by pulling it around brass tacks on the underside outer “points” of the rack’s notches. When a gun is going to be placed in the rack, the user simply pulls the retention cord out from the desired slot, inserts the gun’s barrel up between the rack and the retention cord then releases the retention cord while the buttstock is being put in the cradle on the base. Campbell is lining the notches of the top rack with felt material so as to protect the finish on guns placed in the rack. On the rack being evaluated, both pieces of wood are finished in a nice light oak color, with a protective coating of carnauba wax applied. Campbell also offers a dark walnut finish as well. A 12” diameter ball bearing swivel mechanism is affixed to the underside of the base and is rated to hold 1,000 lbs. The base on this particular model has 12 slots milled to hold the buttstock. Each is lined with a plastic buttstock cradle insert. All in all, these components add up to be a very sturdy piece of equipment.

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