Saturday, January 12, 2008

Concealed Carry Bag Review

CrossBreed Holsters has an innovative new product for CCW permit holders wanting a versatile off-the-body method for going armed. They’ve developed an extremely functional shoulder bag which has a discreet, quick-access compartment to conceal a holstered handgun. CrossBreed calls it their Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag (CCSB) and in today’s modern, high-tech, “wired” world this shoulder bag looks very much like a typical, unthreatening laptop computer case. From a practical standpoint the CCSB blends in well with today’s typical urban landscape. For concealed carry, its design and appearance are, I think, its strongest attributes. The bag does not appear to the casual observer to be overtly “tactical” looking - which can be a decisive advantage to the CCW holder. In fact, a person wearing the CCSB slung over their shoulder appears to be any one of the countless number of people who carry a laptop computer, or book bag, back and forth to work or school each day.

The CCSB that I had the opportunity to review was made out of sturdy black canvas material and tanned leather. As is typical with CrossBreed products, both the materials and workmanship evident in the CCSB’s construction are first-rate. The use of the mixed materials, combined with quality construction and stitching, gives the bag a high-end look, and not simply like that of a utilitarian mil-spec denier nylon “assault bag”.

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