Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kydex IWB Holster Review

Mark Craighead, of CrossBreed Holsters has generously provided an example of his firm’s proprietary Super Tuck Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster for review. Like most quality holsters, Super Tuck IWB holsters are manufactured for specific handgun designs. For the purposes of this review I selected the model specific to the line of Glock mid-sized frame pistols.

Upon inspection of the holster I was immediately impressed with the high quality of both the materials and workmanship evident in it’s construction. CrossBreed blends together traditional gun leather with custom molded Kydex material to produce the Super Tuck IWB. In a bit of a design departure from traditional IWB holsters, the Super Tuck uses an oversized, thin leather panel with which to affix the Kydex holster to. The leather panel, when broken in sufficiently, form fits to the wearer’s side aiding in both concealability and comfort. The latter part is especially true as it seems to spread out the weight and pressure of the holstered weapon on your torso. Being cut oversized, the leather panel serves to form the back of the holster, providing sufficient rigidity to the rig. It acts much like a scabbard of sorts and aids in smoothing up the draw stroke and allowing one handed reholstering of the weapon.

The Kydex holster chute is bolstered to the leather panel and is an open ended design which does not cover the muzzle of the handgun; however it does completely cover the trigger guard. It is custom formed to securely grip the trigger guard and ejection port area of the gun’s frame and slide. Due to the covered trigger guard Condition 1 carry is possible. If necessary a user can heat the Kydex material around the trigger guard area and either pinch it in, or expand it out to obtain just the right amount of tension. CrossBreed provides detailed instruction on how to achieve a custom fit in this regard. As tested, I did not need to adjust the tension on my holster as it secured my Glock 23 perfectly from the outset.

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  1. I purchased one of these holsters a few months ago. I would definitely recommend them!