Friday, March 7, 2008

Gun Vise and Shooting Rest

A gun vise is a great tool for any firearm enthusiast. Since we posted the product review of CTK Precision's Gun Vise with Shooting Rest Attachment in May07, we have received many inquiries about the Gun Vise. Many of the questions are a simple, "Did you really like it that much?" To that, we answer "yes!" This is a great product. The gun vise / shooting rest is constructed in a very sturdy manner, and they do exactly what they are supposed to do. Rather than rehash the entire review here, please check it out to see what we had to say.

The most common question we receive deals with how the gun vise converts to a shooting rest. Basically, it is very simple. It helps to think of it as a three piece unit. You have the main chassis, the gun vise attachment and the shooting rest attachment. Remove the gun vise attachment (the portion sliding from left to right in the following illustration) and attach the shooting rest attachment. The entire conversion takes every bit of 10 seconds.

Gun Vise, Shooting Rest

When you visit CTK Precision, you can purchase either the gun vise or the shooting rest. Then, if you wish, purchase the "other" attachment. For example, purchase the gun vise, then purchase the shooting rest attachment. See, simple...


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