Friday, May 30, 2008

Cryogenic Treatment of Gun Barrels

Every gun barrel produced today is bored and machined which causes stress in the microstructure of the metal. Guns are created from forgings and castings that cool at different rates, inducing residual stress. Your gun may shoot well, but it is not shooting to its potential.

If you cryogenically treat your gun barrel, you will see several immediate results. Cryogenic treatment utilizes liquid nitrogen to bring the temperature of your gun barrel down to -300°F. The gun is then kept at this level for 24 hours, which relieves the residual stresses. When fired, a gun barrel heats up and distorts or warps every time you pull the trigger. This results in lost accuracy. Once a gun barrel is cryogenically treated, you will see improved shot groupings. This improvement will last the life of the gun as cryogenic treatment is a one time permanent process.

Several shotgun manufacturers have incorporated cryogenic treatment in their manufacturing processes. They found that shotgun the shot groupings of non-treated guns shifted as much as 10" to 12". After the same gun was cryogenically treated, the groupings shifted less than 1" (.075") . Therefore, accuracy is always dramatically improved after cryogenic treatment.

Benefits of cryogenic treatment of your gun barrel:

- Increased wear resistance for easier cleaning
- Reduced friction, heat, and wear for an improved barrel life
- Improved shot groupings resulting in improved accuracy
- Increased velocity of about 50-60 feet per second

Recently the
Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. cryogenically treated 19 Remington 700 Light Tactical Rifles for Sgt. William Keith of the Maine State Police. The Maine State Police had these sniper rifles processed for improved accuracy in hostage situations.

For more information on the cryogenic treatment of gun barrels, visit the Cryogenic Institute of New England site.

- Greg

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