Monday, June 23, 2008

Georgia Firearms License

While on a recent vacation, my daughter was a bit bored during the long drive so she began digging through my billfold. Fortunately, one of the many things she pulled out to investigate was my Georgia Firearms License. Much to my surprise, it was due to expire in Aug08.

If you are a Georgia Firearm License holder, you may be aware of how much of a hassle getting a firearm license has been in the past. The first step was always to visit the probate court, then you would be sent to the local sheriff's department for fingerprinting. If memory serves, you were then sent back to the probate court. I am pleased to report that this process has been greatly streamlined!

Fingerprinting is now done at the probate court. The entire process took no more than 20 minutes. And MUCH to my surprise, I received my new Firearm License via USPS within 4 days! In the past it has taken several weeks!

So.... the point of this message.... If you are a Georgia resident, you can rest assured that the process of applying for and receiving a Georgia Firearms License has been greatly improved.

That being said, be sure to check your Firearm License periodically to ensure you are aware of the expiration date.

- Greg


  1. Glad your city has improved things, but not all cities in Georgia have streamlined. Ours still requires a trip to probate then to the sheriff and back to probate.

  2. That is sure disappointing. The lady who helped me said all of Georgia was online with the new system. Maybe it will just take a while to get all counties working under the new system. Thanks for the info!