Thursday, June 12, 2008

Special Warning on Ammunition over .50 Caliber

Over the past few months, NRA-ILA has learned of cases where traveling hunters have been stopped from transporting ammunition over .50 caliber in checked baggage. This has caused significant problems for hunters who use cartridges such as the .505 Gibbs or .577 Nitro Express.

NRA-ILA is currently working with Transportation Security Agency officials to identify the source of the problem, and to correct it so that these traditional hunting cartridges can be transported in checked baggage without difficulty.

At the current time, however, hunters should be aware that transport of ammunition over .50 caliber may not be allowed, and other arrangements should be made before your trip to insure that proper ammunition is available in the field.

NRA-ILA will make additional information on this issue available as soon as possible.

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- Greg

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