Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Georgia Right To Carry Update

Today, July 1, House Bill 89 takes effect. This NRA supported measure makes numerous improvements to Georgia’s Right-to-Carry laws and represents the most comprehensive pro-gun reform measure to be enacted in nearly 20 years.

This critical Right-to-Carry Reform legislation will strengthen Georgia’s current laws by:

· allowing licensed carry permit holders to possess a firearm in any private motor vehicle, while on any publicly accessible parking lot;

· prohibiting gun dealer entrapment schemes, such as those orchestrated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg;

· allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in State Parks, recreational areas, wildlife management areas, and public transportation;

· creating a stricter time limit for various stages of the concealed carry license application process; and

· allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in restaurants.

- Greg

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