Monday, July 7, 2008

Reactive Target Unit with Paper Target Add-Ons

If you are a fan of shooting reactive targets, I would highly recommend the H-Bar unit from Just Shoot Me Products. Not only does their H-Bar Unit allow you to easily switch out reactive targets, it also allows you to add a paper target add-on. I have been using this set up for 2 - 3 years now, and have been very pleased!

Below is a recent post from the Just Shoot Me Products Blog that explains the H-Bar Unit and the Paper Target Add-On:

Our H-Bar Target Stand modular design lets you easily add a paper target holder so you can print your weapon on a paper target. First, remove the hare-pin clip from the cross rod and remove the cross rod from the uprights. The Paper Target Add-On can then slide easily over either the right or left upright of the H-Bar frame. Then insert the cross rod back into one of the holes located on the uprights, slide on the reactive targets, push the cross rod thru the other hole on the opposite upright and thru the corresponding holes located on the paper target add-on. Then replace the hare-pin clips. You can now shoot paper targets or reactive targets with one target unit.

The paper target add-on is available in two sizes. The AC-002 Paper Target Add-On measures 20” in height with 10” of adjustment. This allows you to set the center of mass of the target at 36” to 46” from the ground up.

The AC-003 Paper Target Add-On measures 30” inches in height with 10” inches of adjustment. This allows you to set the center of mass of the target at 46” to 56” from the ground up.


If you have any questions about their H-Bar Target System, or any of their other reactive targets, be sure to visit the Just Shoot Me Products site.

- Greg

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