Thursday, August 14, 2008

New SnapSlide Holster

Introducing the new holster from CrossBreed Holsters, the SnapSlide! The CrossBreed SnapSlide is a blending of traditional slide type holster and their hybrid concept of leather and kydex. It consists of a hand molded kydex scabbard attached to a flat leather backer.

With is flat back and well spaced belt loops, the SnapSlide pulls your gun in very close, offering maximum concealment. The tall and wide platform of the SnapSlide is also very stable and will not sag or droop away from the body in the grip area as so many generic belt holsters tend to do. Your gun stays flush against you and out of the way, completely hidden under a loose garment until you need it.

For more information on the SnapSlide, visit CrossBreed Holsters.

For more holster information, be sure to check out Holster Vault.

- Greg

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