Monday, September 8, 2008

Rifle Monopod

2A Gear now offers the P3 Ultimate Monopod! The Quick change system attaches to the rear sling swivel stud in under 10 seconds without tools. An optional AR-15 Sling Swivel Stud also available.

For more information, visit 2A Gear.

- Greg

1 comment:

  1. I picked up one of these not too long ago to see if I could dial in the groups on my .17 HMR... It did help me shrink my group size. Without it, I was using just a Harris bipod and was seeing groups around 1 MOA. The first trip to the range with this monopod resulted in a personal best with that particular rifle of .625 MOA. I believe that with a more stable forward mount, the rifle can do better.

    My one complaint is not insignificant... To adjust the height of this monopod, you must turn the base. This has the effect of "walking" the rifle off target. It would be nice to rotate the height adjustment knob without having the rubber foot rotate as well.