Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brass Catchers

My dad's birthday was last month. It probably isn't surprising that quite often the gifts we exchange are shooting related. This year was no different!

Since my dad has started reloading again, I sent him a Universal Brass Catcher. He was thrilled!

Brass Catchers
A few days after he received it, he sent me an email that mentioned he was going to build a stand for the Brass Catcher so it could be used in the standing position. (He is always looking for an excuse to build something!) BUT... I was happy to inform him that the Universal Brass Catcher can be mounted on a standard camera tripod, which he already has. SO... he can stay away from the wood working bench and spend more time at the range!

Brass Catchers

For more information on the Universal Brass Catcher, visit 2A Gear.

- Greg

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