Friday, June 26, 2009

Cowboy Bullets

UniqueTek, Inc. launches sales of Cowboy Bullets™.

Cowboy Bullets
UniqueTek has partnered with Slash K to introduce a new line of high-quality hard cast lead bullets to the market. Although Cowboy Bullets™ are being marketed to the cowboy action shooting sport, they are also available in calibers and weights commonly use by other shooting sports.

The high quality of these hard cast lead bullets manufactured by Slash K and their convenient location in Tucson, provided a unique opportunity to offer these bullets at a competitive price. Slash K is already a supplier to UniqueTek and manufactures the Turbo-Bearing™ for the Dillon 550 reloading press, making this a natural extension of the business relationship.

“Due to the recent increase in ammunition sales, we have received many calls from customers asking if we carry ammunition or bullets.” says Lee Love, UniqueTek Product Manager, “So this was the perfect time for us to bring these bullets into our product line and fill the needs of those customers.”

For more information on their Cowboy Bullets, visit UniqueTek.

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