Monday, September 21, 2009

Gunsmithing Tools

What does Sniper Country have to say about the P3 Gun Vise?...

Gunsmithing Tools, Gun Vise
"While simple in execution, a lot of thought went into the design of the P3. I say this because there is little I would change, meaning there was nothing that annoyed me about the design as I worked with it daily. So far I've probably mounted 120 rifle scopes using the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise as the base for my work. I am guessing I've cleaned maybe 60 rifles, upper receivers, stocks and shotguns using the P3. The thing is perfect for AR15 users who remove their upper receiver for cleaning purposes. It clamps the upper very securely, with muzzle down, making cleaning a breeze." - Sniper Country

The P3 Gun Vise is available at 2A Gear.

- Greg

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