Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gun Cleaning

Gun cleaning is not the most enjoyable part of gun ownership! But, if there is one piece of equipment you want to have for gun cleaning and gun maintenance, it is the P3 Gun Vise.

This high quality gun vise will quickly become one of your favorite gun cleaning accessories!

Gun Vise for gun cleaning

1. Guide Rails to hold tools or a cleaning rod.

2. You can raise or lower the front post to different heights.

3. You can move the rear post back or forward and then lock it down.

4. Super wide base that prevents tip-over and adjustable level and height.

Gun Vise for gun cleaning

1. Rear Adjustment for leveling and height

2. Front-Right Adjustment for leveling and height

3. Front-Left Adjustment for leveling and height

4. Rear Post can be made to fit the width of about anything you would ever want to place in the vise.

5. Rear post can move back for the longest of rifles and all the way forward for work on your favorite pistol.

6. The Front Post can raised or lowered to fit any firearm you have.

Everything on the P3 Gun Vise can be mounted on the reverse side for the left handed user.
And as an added benefit, the optional Gun Rest Attachment converts the P3 Gun Vise into a gun rest.

Don't forget... proper gun cleaning increases shooting safety and preserves the investment you have made in your firearms.

The P3 Gun Vise is now available at Target Depot.

- Greg

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