Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sitelite Lasers

We are very proud to have Sitelite Lasers as a continued supporter of the ArmsVault Sites!

There must be a good reason why Dillon Aero uses the Sitelite Mag Laser Boresighter in their Mini-Guns and the US Navy/USMC use them for everything from 5.56mm to 20mm cannons on Cobra Gunships. It's the same reason over 100,000 sportsmen use them... Guaranteed dead-on accuracy and the superior quality and service.

Sitelite Lasers
All Sitelite Laser Boresighters include Sitelite's Scope Leveling System and their Ballistic Targeting System software to create a custom laser boresighting target for your specific rifle and ammo!

Thanks again to Sitelite Lasers for their continued support!

- Greg

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