Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Machine Pistol

Machine Pistol Available!

ATFMachinegun currently has the following machine pistol available:

SW Auto Pistol with Transferable Sear

"There are less than 20 of these transferable sears available to the public. These will make any double action hammer type SW into a legal registered machine gun! This includes all 40 cal and 45 cal. guns! The sear will not wear out. We fired this beside Glock full autos, there is no fair comparison, the Glock seems like cheap junk compared to the double action SW. The recommended configuration for this pistol sear is shown in the pictures..."

Machine Pistol
Check out this machine pistol as well as their other machine guns at the ATFMachinegun site.

You can also find other great machine guns at Machine Gun Vault.

- Greg

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