Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rotary Gun Rack Stand

Campbell Industrial Supply has announced that they are now offering stands for their Rotary Gun Racks!

Rotary Gun Rack Stand
The Rotary Gun Rack Stands are 12" tall, putting your guns at a more accessible position. Using the included hardware, the stand mounts to the existing ball bearing base of your Rotary Gun Rack. Of course, these stands still allow your Rotary Gun Rack to easily rotate.

Currently, the following Rotary Gun Rack Stands are available:

- Rotary Gun Rack Stand for 22" Diameter Models (12 & 16 Gun Capacity)

- Rotary Gun Rack Stand for 30" Models (17 & 22 Gun Capacity)

For more information on their Rotary Gun Rack Stands, or any of their other Gun Storage Solutions, visit Campbell Industrial Supply.

- Greg

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