Monday, January 17, 2011

Gun Cleaning

I know that many of you are at the range, regardless of the weather. And, I applaud you! However, there are still several of us that require some degree of warmth before we hit the shooting range. That makes this the perfect time to get in some gun cleaning!

Our friends at UniqueTek offer some great gun cleaning supplies. In fact, I was just reading their most recent newsletter and saw that they are now offering some new microfiber gun cleaning cloths. (If you currently don't receive their online newsletter, I would recommend that you get signed up. They are always adding great products and their newsletter is a great way to stay up to date.)

Did you notice that I was talking about gun cleaning, then the next thing you know I was talking about UniqueTek's newsletter? Typical behavior from me! I love to shoot, but when its time for the gun cleaning, I stall!

Anyway... don't forget to take some time for gun cleaning and gun maintenance. That is a necessary part of the hobby we all enjoy!

Visit UniqueTek to see their full line of gun cleaning products.

- Greg

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