Monday, September 26, 2011

Red Jacket Firearms at Brownells

Just saw an interesting post on the Red Jacket Firearms Facebook page... According to the post, Brownells will soon be offering a line of Red Jacket Firearms accessories.  So far, I haven't heard what firearm accessories this will consist of, but we are certainly looking forward to finding out!

Congrats to Red Jacket Firearms!

Be sure to watch the Brownells site for more info.

- Greg

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  1. Brownells will have thier Red Jacket Firearms merchandise in stock next week. We are packaging everyting right now and shipping it out tomorrow. They will have AK47 muzzle brakes, Buttstocks that are compatible with all of the ACE style receiver blocks, Saiga specific receiver blocks (can be used on AK's as well), bolt on charging handles, muzzle devices for Saiga 12ga shotguns and what has to be one of the finest quad rail assemblies for the AK47. The quad will be compatible with the Saiga and Vepr rifles soon.