Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did Red Jacket Firearms Lose FFL

So... I don't really want to get caught up in rumors, but this one has me really curious... Did Red Jacket Firearms lose their FFL?

According to a post on Facebook AND, Vince posted the following on Stephanie's Facebook Wall:


"you messed up. in october of 2011, Will and Stephanie Hayden were forced to surrender their FFL due to missing firearms. we formed the company Red Jacket Firearms LLC in may of 2010 and received our new FFL on Nov first 2010. The LLC and license is a matter of public record. Joe, Charlie and myself were the only controlling members of the LLC with Will and Stephanie federally prohibited fro having a firearms deal or manufacture license of any kind. I was an owner in RJF until september 15 of this year when I chose to leave because I just wanted to move on. a big eff you to the whole business besides flemming...hes cool"

My hopes are that this is typical internet BS.  I certainly wish the best for Red Jacket Firearms and their employees.  In the event that any of their employees move on, I wish the best for them as well.


  1. nope..Vince posted afterward that his FB account was hacked. It's BS.

  2. Actually Vince is right in terms of who is on the llc.

    Here is the link.