Saturday, April 21, 2012

Concealed Carry and Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise.  The following is an article from our friends at Stealth Defense Holsters that discusses concealed carry AND exercise.

Fitness Prep for Concealed Carry
by Stealth Defense Holsters

Stealth Defense Holsters began the new-year with an article promoting exercise; Concealed Carry Runners & Joggers.  Winter weather may have hindered efforts to start, or continue a program; but, with beautiful weather coming, it’s time to rekindle some thoughts on the subject.

Concealed Carry pundits continuously emphasize the importance of shooting practice at the range, however, it should be noted that a body “tune-up” will also improve your self-defense capabilities.  Personal exercise programs should be designed to improve physical fitness at a moderate pace.  Intensity level can increase later if you decide to become a “jock”; however, initially make gradual, continuous improvement over current levels. 

Exercise can be an enjoyable part of daily life along with improvements of mental and physical health, self-esteem and a positive attitude.  Workout programs can create social or family value when done with others plus offer opportunities to visit walking or biking trails and enjoy nature’s environment.

Thought should also be given to personal comfort and care of your weapon during these activities.  Carrying a “two-pounder” is going to make things more difficult than a ten-ounce weapon.  It’s important to wear a holster that fits snug against your body and dampens the “bounce” experienced with many holsters while running or walking.

Perspiration, especially in the summer months, can become a problem with your holster, gun and bullets.  An undershirt, small washcloth or handkerchief tucked in behind your holster, will absorb sweat and wick it out to a larger area to improve evaporation and comfort.  Wiping your handgun with a surface protectant, purchased from your gun dealer, will protect against tarnish and/or rust...and what about wet powder?  Weapons can be successfully fired under water; however it’s difficult to know when a bullet becomes dead under prolonged exposure to dampness.  It may be good practice to frequently exchange cartridges.

There is no doubt that physical fitness makes us better prepared for Concealed Carry and offers health improvements plus new opportunities for enjoying life…see you on the trails dude!

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