Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dry Fire Handgun Training

When the bad guy breaks in to your home, it probably won't be his first time... do you want it to be yours?

Fortunately, a home break in isn't something we have to deal with on a daily basis.  But, if/when it does happen, we need to know exactly how to react.  That may sound simple, but let's think about it. The criminal (assuming there is only one) already has the element of surprise. It may be dark.  You may be disoriented because you were just awaken.  Your adrenaline levels will likely be off the chart.  And naturally, you will be very nervous. Unfortunately, you can't just ask the criminal to come back when the conditions are better for you.  You have to know exactly how to react, at that very moment.

So, how do you prepare for a high-pressure situation like this, where your actions could have a dramatic impact on your life?  Ask anyone in the military or law enforcement.  Heck.... ask anyone who plays sports.  The answer, no matter how unglamorous, is PRACTICE!

First off, I would certainly recommend that all gun owners take a handgun training course.  We can ALL benefit from that.  But, let's face it.... only having a few hours of training may not be enough to give you a favorable outcome, when faced with a home break in.

A few weeks ago we were all amazed with how Seal Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden.  Do you remember the stories about how they trained in a replica of Bin Laden's compound?  Makes sense, right?..  Train in the environment in which you want to succeed.  Well, we may not be members of Seal Team 6, but the same training theory applies...

If you want to defend your home, train in your home.

The key to training in your home is to make it as realistic as possible.  Of course, using live ammo is not an option.  And many guns will not allow multiple dry fire shots. Then there is the question of feedback.  Do you think the members of Seal Team 6 received feedback when they didn't do something correctly during training?  Oh yes!

So, how in the world do you realistically perform dry fire handgun training in your home?  Let me introduce you to the ReadyShot Handgun Training System.

The ReadyShot System converts your handgun into a laser based handgun with a reactive electronic target.  This system allows you to perform dry fire handgun training while receiving immediate feedback from the target.  The system also allows for multiple dry fire shots without racking the slide.

Benefits of the ReadyShot System:

- Turn your own gun into a laser gun in under a minute, put it back to original in under 15sec

- Set the Target anywhere, or hang it anywhere, a threat might be anticipated – only you know your own house layout strengths and weaknesses

- Reinforce formal training techniques through repetitive drills

- Practice access methods, build muscle memory

- Practice marksmanship, within the limits of defense shooting (no time to carefully aim, to control breathing, to gently squeeze the trigger)

- Track performance, compete with yourself to improve, make it interesting

- Train other family members, in private and with lower stress, before going to a live fire range

Visit ReadyShot for more information on their dry fire handgun training system.

- Greg

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