Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battleship The Movie

I have to admit... I love going to the movies.

I believe I saw the first preview for Battleship on Superbowl Sunday. One preview, and I KNEW I would be at the theater on opening night.

By now, I'm sure you have heard the basic story line... Aliens invade and a select few from the Navy have to fight them off.

Battleship the Movie

Actually, before we went to see the actual movie, I read the book.  Which, I thought was definitely worth reading!  I tried to convince my wife to read it as well, but no luck!

Finally, the day of the movie arrived. Keep in mind... I have been reminding my family for a week or so that we HAD to go on opening night.  So, I was doing my fair share of promoting the movie in our house!

On the way to the movie, we all gave a score (0-10) of how excited we were to see the movie. Our son and I topped the chart at 8s.  My wife was a little less enthusiastic... She was wasn't willing to go above a 4.  I tried to convince her that she was really more excited to see it than that, but she held firm.

I'm not going to give out any details of the movie... I'll just say that I really enjoyed it. It actually followed the book pretty closely, which I liked.

Of course, after the movie we all gave it a score to indicate how much we liked it.  Our son and I give it an 8.  But, let's get to the important score... My wife... AN 8!!

I have no idea what kind of reviews this movie is receiving, but it was certainly a hit with my family.

As a side note... If you are a reader, I would recommend reading the book first. Although the movie does a good job of following a book, the book will still give you much more detail.

Battleship is available at Barnes & Noble.

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