Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Modern Musket

Thanks to Modern Musket for hooking us up with these great stickers!

Modern Musket Mission: To assert that present day rifles like the AR-15 are not so-called "assault weapons," instead they should be viewed as modern muskets. The indispensable right of Americans to keep and bear these rifles is essential to liberty and is absolutely protected by the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

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  1. I am new to the tactical scene and all I have is a single side-arm, but I value the fact that having an rifle is a right and I hope to own one some day. There are so many people in our country today that have grown too comfortable with their liberty, when in all reality the truth remains that the United States is still young in its democracy and is the target of hatred by many countries. While I hope to never see this outcome, I believe that within my lifetime, our country will yet again be attacked on home soil, and it is our duty to protect our homeland, families, and fellow Americans. There is yet another threat which lies in the term we call the government....I will be the first to say, that I government is STILL the best in the world, yet it is slipping. Thanks Modern Musket, for standing up for our freedom!

  2. Job well done, Modern Musket. Too many people in this country do not have such a fine taste for firearms such as the AR-15 as some of us gun nuts do, and unfortunately it seems like they are the ones that make the laws. I see shooting AR-15's and other carbines as a hobby and sport, not like many would see as a gearing upp for a robbery. I love shooting and can't wait to get an M4 or AR-15 of my own some day.