Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brass Catcher Review

Semi-automatic guns, whether pistols, rifles or shotguns, are fun and easy to shoot. So fun and easy to shoot, in fact, that one can easily find himself expending multiple boxes of ammunition in a single session. Once the firing is over, though, many of us will want to pick up our spent cases. This is, shall we say, not so fun – ejected brass has an amazing knack for finding its way into the hardest-to-reach areas possible. Picking it up usually involves a lot of bending over, crawling around and reaching into dark, dirty corners of the shooting area. Plus, if you're sharing a shooting area with other people, there's always the hassle of your brass getting mixed in with theirs, stepped on, or otherwise hazarded.

Fortunately, a company called CTK Precision offers a brass catcher that is well-designed, sturdy and portable. I had the opportunity to test it with both a rifle and a pistol, and I came away very favorably impressed.

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