Thursday, November 29, 2007

Firearms Grease Review

Gil Brown of Champion’s Brand Reloading Products in Mount Holly, NC sent me a sample of his Toilz Extremed HD Firearms Grease for testing recently. The grease, which is Gil’s proprietary formula, is a 100% synthetic lubricant and designed for metal-to-metal applications over a wide temperature range. According to my conversations with Gil it has a PAO, or poly-alpha-olefin, base. PAO is a class of super-slick synthetic polymer which readily maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties throughout a range of high to low temperatures. It is a key ingredient in most all of the modern, high tech synthetic motor oils in use today. Extemed HD grease comes packaged in handy syringe applicator so that you can conveniently put just the right amount of grease in just the right spot on your firearms. The grease is on the thinner end of the spectrum, and when combined with the syringe applicator it is just the ticket to lightly lubricate slide/frame rails or a reciprocating bolt assembly.

I tried the grease on my 1911 which I routinely use for both practice and IDPA competition. Traditionally I’ve been a CLP-type gun oil user on my 1911 so using grease on my .45 was a first.

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