Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Evolution 10-22 Replacement Stock System

RB Precision is now shipping their Evolution 10-22 replacement stock system. For more information, visit the RB Precision site.

- The "Evolution" uses the Ruger 10-22 platform and replaces the stock to accept many AR15 related items.

- Unique look and free floating design increases accuracy.

- Weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces without a stock (with barrel cover, pistol grip and 7" rail)

- The change from Stock to Evolution requires a flat blade screwdriver and 10 minutes or less of your time, the Ruger can be returned to its original stock, unmodified in any way.

- The Evolution is modular and can accept a variety of rails in multiple locations, the rails can be used for forward grips (vertical), bipod mounts, lights, Sling adaptors and lasers.

- The Evolution is great for smaller frames or children, it can accept ANY AR15 stock including a collapse version so an adult or child can change length of pull in seconds for comfortable shooting. Units we have installed: Ace Skeleton, Boom Tube, M4 Socom, Rock River Arms four and six position collapsible, DPMS, Bushmaster, Lewis Machine, and most other A2 and collapse units.

- The Evolution can be used with your existing stock barrel or the bull (.900+) target barrels

- The Evolution has a Picatinny rail forward of the standard scope mount, this rail is a perfect match for Aimpoint, EOtech, ATN, Ultradot, BSA, Ziess, Doctor Optics and other red dot optics. A stock scope mount can be used for magnified optics in the receivers factory location.

- The stock will come with one Yankee Hill swiveling sling stud on bottom of unit, suitable for bipod or sling mounting, In addition one rail will be supplied this rail can be used in TOP, LEFT, RIGHT or on the BOTTOM of the unit.

- Uses factory or High Capacity (check local laws!) aftermarket magazines (Butler Creek, Eagle, Etc)

For more 10-22 Rifle Information, visit 10-22 Rifle Vault.


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