Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Magnetic Rotary Gun Rack for Long Gun Storage

Long time ArmsVault supporter, Campbell Industrial Supply, just announced the release of the Magnetic Rotary Gun Rack. This product is designed to store Long Guns on a rotating assembly by securing the guns in place using High Powered Rare-Earth Magnets embedded under the protective felt in the Barrel Rest portion of the gun rack. These Rare-Earth Magnets create a super-strong holding force and require a firm pull to remove a gun.

The Magnetic Rotary Gun Racks improve accessibility and decrease the time required to secure or remove a gun. The Magnetic Rotary Gun Rack also eliminates the possibility of gun damage created by other manual fasteners or holding devices.

The main benefit of this new product is easy gun access, especially for those who desire quick access to their guns. The Magnetic Rotary Gun Racks offer ease of use, speed and convenience in placing or removing guns from the rack. Guns are secured and removed in a single motion, without the use of cords or
other fasteners!
Everybody will find the Magnetic Rotary Gun Rack useful, particularly: Gun Show Dealers, Gun Collectors, Gun Stores, Police Departments, and Military.
Magnetic Rotary Gun Racks come in 4 sizes:
- 12 Gun Capacity - on a 22” Dia. Base - $223.00
- 16 Gun Capacity - on a 22” Dia. Base - $234.00
- 17 Gun Capacity - on a 30” Dia. Base - $261.00
- 22 Gun Capacity - on a 30” Dia. Base - $274.00

All Magnetic Rotary Gun Racks include the following Standard Features:
Light Oak or Dark Walnut Finish
1.5” Marine Grade Plywood Base with Maple Veneer
1,000 lb. Capacity Ball Bearing Turntable
Injection Molded Plastic Inserts to protect the Butt Stocks
Steel Pedestal with welded construction and Powder Coated Finish
30” Tall Pedestal height or Optional 36” Tall Pedestal height (additional charge)
¾” Marine Grade Plywood Barrel Support with Treaded Inserts for mounting
High Powered Rare-Earth Magnets embedded under soft felt of the Barrel Rests
- Barrel Rests covered in soft Synthetic Felt Material to protect Gun Barrels
Founded in 2005, Campbell Industrial Supply manufactures storage products for Long Guns, Pistols and Revolvers for the public, business, industry and government institutions.

For more information on their Magnetic Rotary Gun Racks, visit our friends at Campbell Industrial Supply.


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