Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shoulder Shield Rest on Sale!

Cabela's Nitro Shoulder Shield Rest is on sale now through 4/15/08!
Save $10.00 Reg. $129.99..Sale $119.99

It's no secret that weight absorbs recoil. Now there's a rest that allows you to customize the amount of weight between your gun and your shoulder, allowing you to substantially eliminate felt recoil. The large tray at the front of this rest weighs enough on its own to soak up more than half the recoil dished out by a .30-06. But it also easily accommodates bags of lead shot for the extra weight needed to keep big-bore rifles and slug guns from punishing your shoulder. Front and rear feet are fully adjustable for precision aiming. Includes a built-in level indicator for increased accuracy. Universal front bag securely cradles a wide range of stocks and barrels.

For more information on the Nitro Shoulder Shield Rest visit Cabela's.


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