Thursday, May 1, 2008

Asking For Opinion on House Bill 89

Call To Action: The Atlanta Journal - Constitution Asking
For Opinion on House Bill 89, Right-To-Carry Reform Bill, Awaiting Governor Perdue's Consideration

Please email Northwest Opinions editor, Carla Caldwell Today!

The Atlanta Journal - Constitution is asking:

Should Perdue veto the bill? Or should it become law? Please send comments to Northwest Opinions editor Carla Caldwell at

To view the article, please
click here.

To keep track of this critical Georgia legislation and other Second Amendment issues around the nation, please visit

Below is the short email we sent to the AJC today:

"It would be a pleasant change to see the anti-gun activists working towards ensuring that people who commit violent crimes are punished. Instead, it seems they would rather work towards eliminating our Constitutional Right to defend ourselves from those criminals. If they have it their way, we will eventually live in a society where criminals can simply have their way with us because we have no means of defending ourselves. Law abiding citizens have a constitutional right to carry/own firearms, period!"

Please do your part and contact the AJC to let them know that you are a supporter of the Second Amendment.

- Greg

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