Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self Sealing Targets

This following is in response to a comment I received about the Self Sealing All Around Targets offered at 2A Gear.

are these actually being purchased by anybody in any significant quantity? They seem VERY expensive!

I know what you mean about the cost. That was the same reaction I had when I first starting using these polymer targets. The key is their durability. I didn't have a used All Around Target on hand (a buddy is using mine), but below are some pics of another type of target that is made out of the same material. The first picture shows the entry side. The second picture shows the exit side. You can see how well the material reseals. I THINK I was using a 9mm when I shot this particular target. I should also point out that the entry holes LOOK bigger than what they are because of the black burn marks.

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