Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vertical Gun Racks

Campbell Industrial Supply announced the release of their latest product, the Vertical Gun Rack. This product is designed to store and display long guns in the vertical position. The Vertical Gun Rack can be used as a Floor Stand, Table Stand, or hung as a Wall Rack.

Vertical Gun RacksThe Vertical Gun Rack is designed to hold up to 9 guns resting on the Butt Stock. The guns are positioned at 45 degrees to allow clearance for Bolt Action and Scoped Guns. A Lockable Cable is a standard feature for Family Security.

The Vertical Gun Rack is available in (2) different configurations:

-Magnetic Barrel Rest Model
The guns are held secure by High Powered Magnets embedded into the Barrel Rests and covered in synthetic felt for protection.

-Adjustable Butt Stock Pocket
The guns are held secure by adjusting the Adjustable Butt Stock Pad to tilt the guns firmly into the Barrel Rests.

Other features include
-Heavy duty construction
-Hidden steel wall mount brackets
-Light Oak or Dark Walnut Finish
-Insert Pockets to protect the gun stocks
-Synthetic Felt in the Barrel Rests to protect the gun barrels
-Bolt together construction
-Only 11” deep x 38” tall x 47-5/8” wide
-Fits most types of guns

-Custom sizes can be quoted

The main benefit of this new product is to be able to store long guns in the vertical position in a narrow gun rack. The ability to mount this rack on the wall or use it as a floor stand, allows guns to be properly stored in a narrow space.

Visit Campbell Industrial Supply for more information on The Vertical Gun Rack.

- Greg

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