Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotel Indigo Fishers

The folks at Ballistic Technologies were kind enough to invite me to their range last weekend for some testing of their reactive targets. While in the Indianapolis area, I stayed at a hotel I had no prior experience with... Hotel Indigo!

I thought this hotel was fantastic. The rooms and lobby were great. Although I didn't eat at the restaurant, it looked like it was also very nice. The hotel employees were friendly and very eager to please!

Of course, it would be impossible to mention Hotel Indigo without mentioning Fibi, the in house dog! (It is my understanding that approx 50% of the Hotel Indigo Properties have an in house dog). There is NO DOUBT that Fibi is the Queen of the Castle! In fact, as I was checking email on one of their business center computers, I felt something hit my leg. It was Fibi slapping me with her toy. It was time to play, and she expected me to comply!

Hotel Indigo Fishers
So, if you are going to be staying in the Indianapolis area, be sure to check out Hotel Indigo. And be sure to purchase a Fibi stuffed animal while there! Proceeds help support the local Humane Society.

- Greg

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