Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dillon 550/650 Toolheads

UniqueTek is now offering CNC Machined Dillon 550/650 Toolheads.

Dillon 550/650 Toolheads
These toolheads are made to the highest standards by Whidden Gunworks. All critical machining is done on one operation, yielding tolerances of 0.0002" on all critical dimensions. This means that all die mounting holes are positioned precisely relative to each other and are exactly perpendicular to the flange. The flange is also flatter than possible with a cast toolhead. The 7/8"-14 die mounting threads are machined to Class 2B tolerance to better mate with the threads on your dies. This results in the dies being more accurately centered in each hole and reduces offset when tightening the die locknut.

For more information on these Dillon 550/650 Toolheads, visit UniqueTek.

- Greg

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