Saturday, June 27, 2009

Laser Boresighter

2A Gear is now offering the SL-100 Laser Boresighter!

Laser Boresighter
Simply attach the Laser Boresighter to the inside of a firearm's muzzle using an o-ring system. The super strength rare earth magnets hold the Laser Boresighter securely in place.

Using this Laser Boresighter is a great way to improve accuracy, without spending a fortune in ammunition!

The Laser Boresighter also includes the SRL-100 adapter that slips over the Boresighter's lens to convert it into a highly accurate Scope Reticle Leveler by refocusing the laser to a horizontal beam for precise crosshair alignment.

Laser Boresighter
For more information on the SL-100 Laser Boresighter, visit 2A Gear.

- Greg

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