Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dummy Machine Guns

ATFMachinegun currently has the following dummy machine guns available:

- MG 34 w 2 ammo cans, 2 drums and carrier: $1K
- MADSEN with 11 Mags: $700
- RUSSIAN DP with 4 pan mags and mag chest: $1K
- Browning M1919 A4 with A6 parts, Bipod and T and E: $1500
- BAR With Bipod, Alum receiver, complete parts kit: $1300
- MK5 Sten with mags and bayonet: $500
- AT-4: $500
- M72: LAW: $500

Visit ATFMachinegun for more info on these dummy machine guns.

You can also find machine guns and machine gun "stuff" at Machine Gun Vault.

- Greg

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