Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indiana Gun Permits

I spent the first 26 years of life as a Hoosier. So, when Indiana news surfaces, I still tend to pay attention. Unfortunately, a recent NRA-ILA newsletter pointed out some disturbing news from my home state. It would seem that the Indianapolis Star views concealed carry permit holders as public safety concerns. After read the following NRA-ILA story, be sure to contact the appropriate people at the Indianapolis Star.

This week, the Indianapolis Star revealed its own gun database in an attempt to capitalize on the same controversial limelight as the Bloomington Herald Times.

The Star’s database is modified from a street-based catalogue of the number of permit holders in a defined area, to a demographic listing of Indiana ZIP codes, including the percentage of the population permit holders make up, as well as the their gender, race and age. However, such differences do not hide the paper’s intent.

The searchable database of law-abiding carry permit holders is included in the “Public Safety” section of the paper’s website.

The paper seems to believe that it’s a matter of “public safety” for people to know how many permit holders live near them. Apparently the Star thinks that law-abiding concealed carry permit holders are to be regarded with caution.

Below is a list of the demographic information available for permit holders in one Indiana ZIP code from the Indianapolis Star website:

Concealed carry permit holders (as of Aug. 20, 2009)

Here's a detailed look at concealed carry permit holders in ZIP code 4****7, compared to overall adult population characteristics from the 2000 census:

Indiana Gun PermitsIt remains NRA's firm belief that media outlets abuse their First Amendment rights when they harass and demonize lawful citizens for exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Please call and express your disapproval of the Star’s treatment of law-abiding gun owners. The paper has a toll-free number for long-distance callers who would like to respectfully voice their displeasure:

Toll-Free Switchboard:

In-State Subscriptions and Billing:

Michael G. Kane, President and Publisher

Dennis R. Ryerson, Editor and Vice President

Juli Metzger, Executive Editor, Digital and Custom Publications

Jenny Green, Managing Editor

D. Todd Moore, Administrative Editor

This is the kind of story that I would have not known about if it weren't for the NRA. They are working hard to bring this kind of news to 2nd Amendment Supporters. Please help by joining the NRA. By CLICKING HERE, yearly membership is discounted to only $25/year. Even the Indy Star people mentioned on this list are welcome to take advantage of this discount!

- Greg

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