Friday, April 16, 2010


Over the last several months, I have watched as iAmmo dramatically increased their ammunition selection. They have all the major brands of ammunition, including: Federal Ammunition, Remington, Winchester Ammunition, CCI Speer, Fiocchi Ammunition, Extreme Shock USA, Hornady, Lightfield Ammunition, PMC Ammunition, Wolf Ammuition, and more.

At iAmmo you will find all the ammo calibers you need: 38 ammunition, 223 ammunition, 308 ammunition, 9mm ammunition, 380 ammunition, 45 acp ammunition, 40 cal ammunition , 7.62x39 ammunition, 22 ammunition and 50 cal ammunition . You will find a huge selection of rimfire ammunition, rifle ammunition, shotgun ammunition and handgun ammunition. iAmmo has all the premium and discount ammunition in all of today's most popular calibers and they even have bullets for many of the obsolete calibers plus discount ammunition and surplus ammunition.

Yeah, I know... that is a lot of AMMUNITION! And that is exactly my point! They have a great selection, great prices, and the iAmmo site is very simple to use!

So, when shopping for ammunition, be sure to visit iAmmo!

- Greg

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