Friday, June 18, 2010

THOR TR-15 Rifles

THOR TR-15 Rifles are now available at Knesek Guns. Shown below is the THOR TR-15 Carbine.

THOR TR-15 Rifles
THOR TR-15 Carbine Features:

- F Marked Front Sight Post
- Flat top upper receiver
- 30 Round Magazine
- Plastic M4 Handguard
- Mil-spec Buttstock with Mil-spec tube assembly.

For more information on their selection of THOR TR-15 Rifles, visit Knesek Guns.

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- Greg


  1. Ok. Placed an order for one over 2 weeks ago. Love to say that I received it, fired it and give a review, but it seems that there are delays. Not sure if it is due to manufacture or shipping. Very politely told that it would be shipped on the days of my conversations. Didn't happen. So far I was told 3 different reasons for delay. Hopefully I will be able to receive it soon for a review. If the gun is anything like the dealership seems to run, then it doesn't look good so far.

  2. We'll be interested to see how it turns out... Keep us posted. Good luck!

  3. It's a great gun. I have the tr-15 cqb, no regreats love the gun. It's a hometown made gun for me. Haven't had a single missfire or jam. Put 1k rounds out of it. LOVE IT!

  4. I just seen one at my dealer and I really liked it. It looks and feels just like a Colt but doesn't cost as much. They had one tan and one in black. I like the tan better and will match my elcan.