Thursday, June 9, 2011

Should Anthony Weiner Resign

So, should Anthony Weiner resign?  If you spend ANY time watching, reading or listening to the news, you have heard that question asked.  I'm not sure about you, but the more I listen to this story, the more frustrated I become.  But, what frustrates me may not be what you think.

First, I'll just come right out and give you my opinion... Yes, I think Anthony Weiner should resign. But, I honestly don't care what he has done in his personal life.  I don't care that he is involved with a little "smut".  What I do care about is that he wasted my time (and yours) by lying.  He lied to ALL of us.  He made every attempt to deceive us.  He even tried to blame others for what he did.  I honestly can't understand why some people are willing to overlook this.  He works for us!  As his employer, why would we accept him blatantly lying to us?  We shouldn't!  In my opinion, Anthony Weiner has earned himself membership in the "Who Do You Think You Are Club".  (Membership in this club requires one to be an arrogant, self-serving, ethnocentric ass).

So, just how much of our time have his lies wasted?  Below I'll give a little breakdown.  Keep in mind, these numbers ONLY represent the time he spent actively lying to Americans.  It does not include all the other time we've spent on the Anthony Weiner issue.

Summery of American Life Wasted on Anthony Weiner Lie:

*Keep in mind, this is based on all the American news watchers/readers/listeners spending only 5 minutes listening to Anthony Weiner lie.

US Population (18+): 233,720,372
News Watchers: Approx 30% (70,116,112)
Time Each American News Watcher Spent on Weiner Lie: 5 min
Total Minutes Wasted: 350,580,558
Total Hours Wasted: 5,843,009
Total Days Wasted: 243,459
Total Years Wasted: 667

So, there you have it... We have wasted approximately 667 cumulative American years being lied to by Anthony Weiner.  That is 621 MORE years than Anthony Weiner has spent on this Earth!  That, in my opinion, should upset us!

**Disclaimer... This obviously was not a scientific calculation.  It was only meant to create some awareness.  Please don't waste your time trying to correct these numbers.  We have already lost enough time on the Weiner Lies.

- Greg

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