Monday, August 8, 2011

Compact Shooting Rest

Sometimes, shooting bench space is a bit limited.  Today we received a shipment from CTK Precision that is going to help free up some of that real estate: The P3 Compact Shooting Rest.

As you can see, I'll need to spend a few minutes putting the Compact Shooting Rest together.  But, I've skimmed through the easy-to-understand directions and anticipate that it will be a breeze.

As I mentioned, The P3 Compact Shooting Rest should help when bench space is limited.  But, I should also point out that this shipment also contained the Pistol Post Add-On (far right side of picture).  The Pistol Post Add-On is meant to be used while shooting pistols with laser grips, or short barrel revolvers.

No doubt, I am looking forward to getting this to the range.  Stay tuned for the full review of the P3 Compact Shooting Rest and Pistol Post Add-On.

- Greg

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