Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Counterfeit Warning

SiteLite Lasers
have released the following counterfeit warning:

A Chinese company has reproduced an exact copy of the SiteLite SL-150 Ultra Mag Laser Boresighter and is selling it on Ebay.  These boresighters are of very poor quality and violate our trademarks and infringe on the patent held by SiteLite.

 We have notified Ebay of the situation and have provided them with our US Patent Number. Here, in part, is their response:
“As you may know, ebay does not manufacture, sell or offer for sale any of the products referenced in your NOIC (Notice of Claimed Patent Infringement). To the extent such items may be listed on, they would be listed by third party sellers, not eBay.”

It is our opinion that once we notified Ebay of the Patent Infringement, Ebay
has, at least, a moral obligation to place the burden of proof on the seller.We will continue to try to negotiate with Ebay to have the item removed.

These boresighters as well as any used boresighters are not covered by warranty.
All of our boresighters are traceable by Serial Number.


SiteLite Lasers are known for their high quality... Just ask the US Military!  Don't settle for an imitation!

Visit the SiteLite Lasers site to see their full selection of laser boresighters.

- Greg

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