Monday, March 26, 2012

ArmaLite in The Eden Prophecy

I like to wind down in the evenings with a little reading.  With the type of books I tend to read (Action/Adventure/Mystery), there often seems to be some gun fire involved.  As you might guess, I’m always interested in the type of guns being used.

Over the weekend I finished up the last book in a three book series by Graham Brown.  I just thought it was appropriate that I give a thank-you to ArmaLite for helping fight the bad guys…

Page 225 of The Eden Prophecy:

“As Danielle and Sonia raced away, Hawker cracked off a half-dozen shots from the ArmaLite.”

Thanks ArmaLite for a job well done!

If you are a reader, be sure to check out the following books by Graham Brown (I would suggest reading them in order):

I thought the books were pretty entertaining.  However, there were a few issues with the gun terminology… (e.g. loading another clip, rather than another magazine….)

If you check out these books, be sure to let me know what you think.

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