Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Concealed Carry

So, why are we so pro concealed carry?  Below is a great article by our friends at Stealth Defense Holsters that does a good job of explaining why concealed carry is currently so important.

Concealed Carry; the Root Cause
by al vennemeyer on 04/09/12

We are constantly reminded of daily shootings by the media that often cause mob-mentality reactions from the public.  Everyone is disturbed by this chronic problem and anxious to offer solutions, but, do we actually know the “root cause” of the problem?  Politicians and other civic leaders are constantly arguing about what should be done, but, have they really studied the problem or are they merely promoting their personal agenda?

Root cause analysis is nothing more than a systematic accumulation of evidence that identifies the major reasons for an event; however a basic understanding of human nature indicates explanations for public violence are quite obvious and we don’t need some expensive study to find the answers.

The “catch & release” decisions made by our civil leaders must be changed.  If you “did the crime…do the time”, with no exceptions.  It’s appalling how many felons, with multiple convictions, are walking the streets.  Lack of parental control, lack of education, lack of role models, no job, negative environment, peer pressure, lack of self-esteem exacerbate our problems, and how about those violent, sadistic video games that our children play.

We must all wake up and understand that no problem can be solved without first eliminating the root cause; otherwise crimes will continue to fester.  Family structure must be improved and Civil Leaders must remove all political, emotional and self-interest components from this issue.  An enormous community effort over many years is required to alleviate these obvious problems.  

The root cause analysis (reason) of why you and I concealed carry is driven by the daily media and requires no further explanation…”keep on packin dude”

We would like to thank Stealth Defense Holsters for the great article, and for supporting the Holster Vault site.

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