Friday, September 3, 2010

Gun Industry Success

You don't have to be a gun shop or ammo manufacturer to know what a roller coaster the last 2 years have been for the gun industry. Changing political climate, supplying troops, unemployment.... These factors (and a few others) have caused supply and demand graphs to show unbelievable trends. From gun-related business owners, to sportsmen, to military & L.E, we have all felt the impact.

I recently read an article about a relatively new company that sells ammo. I won't keep you in suspense.... They are Lucky Gunner. You have seen me write about them before. They have been an ArmsVault supporter for a few years.

Anyway... This article discusses how a group of entrepreneurs was able to turn a bad situation into something good. In the process, they have built something that is great for the industry and for all gun owners. Isn't that EXACTLY the kind of thing that has made this country great?!

Anyway, before I get too preachy, or tell you about the whole article, I'll just tell you to read the whole thing by clicking HERE.

We are very proud and thankful to have Lucky Gunner as a supporter. So, when you are in search of a wide selection of ammo, and need it to be shipped immediately, be sure to check them out at

- Greg

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