Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Powder for Sale

Ballistic Solutions has some remaining powder for sale at a reduced price. Their current inventory is down to 45,048 lbs. from 190,000 lbs. of Winchester (originally St. Marks) pulldown powder: 872 & 867.

The powder is currently stored on an army base and is packaged in DOT approved, mil spec containers, so they can have it shipped out as soon as a wire transfer clears.

They had it priced at the low-end wholesale of $4.50/lb. However, if someone wants the entire remaining lot, it's theirs for $3.85/lb.

24 pallets @ 45,048 lbs. @ $3.85 = $173,434

Does not include shipping.

If storage is an issue, they have a solution for that as well.

Ballistic Solutions, Inc. has been manufacturing small arms ammo and sniper rifles for 15 years. Their CEO, Jeff Semko, is a sniper instructor and has consulted for Homeland Security and many law enforcement agencies. They are currently in the process of re-locating their production facility onto an Army Depot. They are also marketing their demil surplus: powder, brass, projectiles, heck, you name it.


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